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Discovering the motorcycle routes available from Hotel Eurorest!

Welcome bikers

On the panoramic roads of the Belluno Dolomites

Welcome, bikers! Here is the first motorcycle route on the panoramic roads of the Belluno Dolomites crossing Forcella Aurina, the Cereda Pass and Croce d’Auna, on a journey to discover the Belluno Dolomites and the fantastic landscapes of this wonderful corner of Veneto. Starting from Hotel Eurorest, we continue heading off towards Sedico, in a position easily reachable even by those who come from far away, thanks to the A27 motorway, which allows you to reach in no time Ponte nelle Alpi.

Once we have left Sedico behind, we follow, in a north-easterly direction, the bends of the creek Cordevole, which separates the Western Dolomites from the Eastern Dolomites, starting immediately to penetrate between these beautiful mountains, capable of amaze us at every bend with views of unparalleled beauty.

Once we reach the dolomite village of Agordo, we turn left onto the Provincial Road SP347 towards Voltago, passing immediately afterwards the beautiful slope that leads to Forcella Aurine (1,299 m asl). We then cross Villa Sant’Andrea and Mis and climb the Cereda Pass (1,369 m). The descent leads us to Fiera di Primiero, where we turn left again onto the National Road SS50, which will lead us to cross on the left the Provincial Roas SP473 (following the signs for Aune).

This curved road leads us to cross the Pass of Croce d’Auna and then to pass through Pedavena (with an unmissable stop at the well-known Pedevana pub :-)) and to reach Feltre, an enchanting fortified town whose medieval centre is perched high on a hill. From Feltre, we continue in the direction of Valdobbiadene up to Conegliano and finally return to Hotel Eurorest.

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Discovering the ValBelluna

The ValBelluna (Belluna Valley) is situated in a spectacular setting ranging from the Venetian plain to the Conca Alpagota (Alpago Basin) and the Dolomites.

Welcome, bikers! The second motorcycle route will lead you to discover the beauties of the Val Belluna, the valley in the province of Belluno run through by the River Piave, closed to the north by the summits of the Dolomites, the Monti del Sole and the Feltrinas Vette Feltrine, while to the south it is framed by the Prealpi Bellunesi (Bellunes Alps) and the Grappa Massif. A valley that does not only offers beautiful landscapes but also a simple and tasty cuisine to taste, based on top-quality typical local products.

Departure from Hotel Eurorest heating towards Fadalto, which can be quickly reached following the motorway A27 (Venice – Belluno), heading towards the lake of Santa Croce and the Alpago, a corner of this magical Veneto full of forests and meadows. We cross Farra d’Alpago, and then reach Ponte nelle Alpi (i.e. Bridge into the Alps).

Following the provincial road SP31 we climb, bend after bend, the Alp of the Nevegal to admire the beautiful views that it is able to offer us. Once we climb down the Nevegal, we reach Castion and Limana, near the River Piave, and then climb towards Sant’Antonio Tortal and San Boldo Pass, which is characterized by numerous bends and tunnels.

Once we arrive in Tovena, we turn right towards Castelbrando and then again to the right; after a nice set of curves and bends, we reach Mele, and we are again on the banks of the River Piave. The provincial road SP1 will then lead us to discover Lentiai and, after crossing the river, Feltre, one of the most charming villages in this valley.

We leave Feltre ride along the provincial road SP12, which follows the south side of the Belluno Dolomites, crossing Cesiomaggiore, San Gregorio nelle Alpi, Paderno, and Sospirolo. Continuing along the road, this leads us first to the Lake Miss and then to Mis.

The last stretch leads us to Belluno, where we can admire the splendid location of this city lying on the banks of the River Piave and sheltered to the north by the massifs of the Dolomites. From Belluno we return to Conegliano and finally to Hotel Eurorest.

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Riding on the Route of Prosecco

Welcome bikers! Third motorcycle route along the Route of Prosecco, which leads from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene, in a succession of exciting panoramas of the Treviso Hills, between vineyards, aristocratic villas, ancient churches and age-long traditions.

Besides, as for the quality of wine and typical local gastronomy, is one of Italy’s best areas, ideal for food & wine motorcycle touring.

This motorcycle route on the Route of Prosecco starts the Conegliano, the doorway to the “Route of Prosecco”.

The motorcycle route amongst the Trevisi Hills runs through Rua and San Pietro di Feletto in un continuous series of ups and downs characterized by sweet curves. A little further on appears Refrontolo, surrounded by the huge vineyards of Prosecco and, in succession, Pieve di Soligo, Soligo and Farra di Soligo.

A few kilometres further on, Col San Martino astonishes for its gorgeous panorama, a spectacle that continues running through the Treviso Hills of Guia, Guietta, Santo Stefano and Valdobbiadene, until concluding this beautiful day of motorcycle touring in Conegliano by getting back to Hotel Eurorest.

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